A Close & Intimate Affair: Eric & Jennifer

We arrived at the hotel at around 7am. The bride, Jennifer, was getting her makeup done and her two best friends are busy getting the other relatives ready for the big day ahead.

Once the makeup was done and while waiting for Eric, the groom, to arrive, we took some bridal portraits for Jennifer. As Jennifer is from Vietnam, the language barrier poses a little challenge for us. But as we all know when all else fails, just turn to body language. So gestures were exchanged here and there, albeit being a little silly, it actually helped the bride to relax and temporarily forget about her nervousness.

The groom and his brothers arrived at the hotel shortly. It’s a little different from your typical Singapore-style wedding as they weren’t having any of the gatecrash games, only a simple request for the groom to serenade the bride. 

That moment when Eric lifted her veil and gave her a kiss, a really sweet smile lit across Jennifer’s face. They were both very shy when displaying affections and that made the moment even sweeter.

The second part of the day was proceeded by tea ceremony and solemnisation at their love nest. Laughters were exchanged and happy tears were shed. 

“With this ring, i give you my heart. I promise from this day forward, you shall not walk alone, may my heart be your shelter, and my arms be your home.” With the exchanging of vows and wedding bands, Eric and Jennifer tied the knot under the witness of their closest family members.

Night came and it was time for their banquet. Guests were cheering, confetti were thrown and the entire room was filled with love and the rest of the night was simply filled with toasts, laughters, and most importantly, lots of photos for keepsake.

It was a beautiful and memorable night for the couple (and for us too!). We wish nothing but the best for Eric and Jennifer, and may they create even more wonderful memories in the years to come!