Nat & Ivan20171030013.jpg

Natalia dropped me a text in September for a short casual session for her and Ivan.

She will be moving back to Indonesia and won't be back for a while so she wanted to have a photoshoot with Ivan here before they get hitched next year. Their dating days were mostly spent either in Indonesia or in Singapore so a photoshoot in Singapore will be a precious keepsake.

We went to Upper Peirce reservoir for the morning session and it was the first time for all three of us to be there so it felt pretty awesome to be exploring the place together. (The nicest spot at Upper Peirce reservoir is situated at the bottom of a steep slope and there is no staircase or whatsoever. You just have to slowly make your way down.)

We got some really beautiful sun rays shining through in the midst of the shoot and it just made everything seem a little more magical!

We then headed to Marina Bay area (outside Marina Bay Shoppes and the Helix Bridge) for another session in the city before it starts to pour and we managed to get some nice shots there. (yay!)

Though the session was a short one, it was long enough to see how much Ivan dotes on Natalia, always making sure that she is enjoying herself and not tiring herself out.

As for Nat, she coordinated the clothings and props for the day so that Ivan didn't have to be troubled with the planning.

That is love, isn't it? It is always the simple things. It might not be noticeable but it is always there, quietly standing by you.

xoxo, Samantha