What makes you different from other photographers?

Let's just put it this way. Each artist, in relation to their specific discipline, brings their own sophistication and passion to their work, that which is unique to the intellect of the artist. Therefore, it would be convenient for us to instantly associate a photographer's work as that of their own signature style. Here in Love Confetti we believe the most important element to be captured in a photograph is emotion, the more emotional the shot is, the more it appeals to our senses, and the greater the connection we feel to it. If a picture conveys emotion – whether it’s happiness, surprise, sorrow – it is successful. We always stay true to our values because they are our essence and make up our true identity.

Do you shoot more candid or posed images?

Definitely candid, we take great lengths to remain as unobtrusive as possible and we try to capture moments that unfold based on what a person feels at a given moment of time.

Is there a meet-up with the photographers before the wedding?

Yes! For sure! We'd love to meet you and please do not feel that you are obligated to sign us as your photographer if you feel hesitant about the decision. The most important thing we always tell our clients is to choose a photographer whom you're super comfortable with. In other words, their personality must be likeable at least in your POV. Then you decide whether their work suits your liking and all other considerations such as pricing.

How many images will we receive from our wedding day?

For half day wedding we usually deliver 300-500 images

For full day wedding we usually deliver 600-800 images

(There may still be fluctuations depending on the event)

When will we receive our images?

We strive to make each wedding's photographs distinct from the rest and nothing generic. Hence, it may require a longer editing process. The images will usually be delivered within 2-4 weeks after the wedding day. 

Do you bring an assistant / 2nd photographer with you on the wedding day?

Nope we usually don't, unless client request for additional photographer. But for pre-wedding shoots, yes we do.

Are there any additional charges?

There will be an early surcharge (before 7am) and midnight surcharge (for shoots that end after 12 midnight) of $100.

How much is the deposit and what is the cancellation policy?

We will require a deposit of 50% upon confirmation of service and the remaining 50% will be collected in the week after the wedding. 

A full refund of the deposit will be given if cancellation is made within 7 days of confirmation. After which, any cancellation will result in forfeiting of the deposit.

What do I need to bring?

Hand bouquet and ring, last but not least your IC if you're having your ROM :D

What is your style?

For outdoor shoots, we always advice my client to shoot during the golden hour which is between 6:30pm - 7:30pm. Other than that, we will learn more about the couple's love story and have their input and ideas, to produce the best possible results that suit their personalities! Having fun is definitely the key to capturing beautiful photos! :)

Do you accept pencil booking?


We want to book! What do we do now?

Drop us a message at +65 8686 9018 for speedy response or email us at

Look forward to meeting you! ^^